Victoria in Zhang Liyin’s Agape MV right after she almost gets run over but Tao saves her (gif 1: surprised face, gif 2: smiling) → for anonymous


lol i’m fucking done with sm’s bullshit

1.  RELEASE A STATEMENT ON JESSICA - I honestly really hope it was a hacker, but not seeing her with the other members is freaking me out. 

2.  Sehun changed his IG status to “L” then “EXO Saranghaja.”  And unfollowed all his hyungs.  Something is definitely up.

3.  Pictures of what looks like Luhan holding photos of Kris are circulating.  Jesus fucking christ what is going on??


The next person i wanna hear leaving SM is the CEO. 


The future, the possibility.
The images we haven’t yet been able to show you…
October 14th, 2014.
VIXX’ 2nd mini album
VIXX will show you another possibility.

Future. Possibilities. The image that we have yet been able to show you.

2014.10.14. VIXX’s 2nd Mini Album.

Vixx will present yet another different possibility. 


  • SM was informed by Jessica that she will terminate all team activities after completing activities for the last album, this spring.
  • SM and members were shocked, but they continued to work normally for the team’s interest.
  • Jessica struggled to manage the clash between her personal business…

"Jessica struggled to manage the clash between her personal business and group activities, but in the end failed to do so, and can’t keep up with team activities"

-She NEVER missed any activities in 2011-2014

-She was late, but it was the traffic faults

-she flight back to Seoul to prepare the fanmeeting at 4am, just to be called off at 5am.

-she prioritize the fanmeeting more than her own sleep.

-Her Blanc should actually launched on the same day as the performace at Kcon, but she prioritize the SNSD activities more than her own solo schedule and delayed the launch.

THIS is the opposite of “fail to balance”


sm is trash for forcing jessica to drop out when all she wanted to do was work on her business and becoming a fashion designer all WHILE being in snsd. fuck you for not seeing how hard working she can be. she trained for 7 years and dedicated 7 more years of her life for snsd and they just want to kick her out like that? i can’t imagine how bad she’s feeling now.



cr: Pinkerbell
Source: RealVIXX


Jessica was a trainee for seven years before debuting as a member of Girls Generation.

She was the first member signed to SM Entertainment. She watched as each of the members came in and she watched as potential members left.

Jessica’s been a member of SNSD for seven years….